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Flamenco Party With Jarana

Sat 13 June 2009 // 20:00

(Sat 13th/ 8pm/ £6/5)

The group ‘Jarana’ was formed in Bristol towards the end of 2008 by guitarist and singer Miguel Calatayud and percussionist Jorge Rodriguez. Claire Braña, flamenco dancer and ‘palmera’ joined them shortly after. In 2009, Sergio, ‘palmero’ and percussionist, Brendan Hockey, percussionist and ‘palmero’, and Jaime Cantera, ‘palmero’ and singer all joined the group together with Michal Nahman, a traditional Sephardic singer.

The project was born out of a passion for flamenco, and the members of the group collaborate to fuse both traditional flamenco rhythms and other diverse musical elements such as ‘ladino’ song to create a vibrant and unique experience.

Flamenco party on in the bar and films.