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Indymedia Presents: The Enemy Without - Coal, Class & Climate

Mon 15 June 2009 // 20:00

(Mon 15th / 8pm / £4/3 but nobody refused entry for a lack of funds)

The last place you might expect to the find the leader of the National Union of Miners, Arthur Scargill, is at an eco-protest camp where people were trying to keep the coal firmly in the ground. Yet at last year's climate camp, that's exactly what happened... Looking at the apparently contradictory issues of coal and climate, we delve deeper into the subject to search for answers to the questions of energy, community and class and what they meant during the 1984/5 strike and what they mean today and tomorrow.

Speakers include:

Robin Sivapalan (Workers Climate Action)
John Cunningham (writer for Metamute magazine)
Emma Stone (Carbon Capture Expert)
Tyrone O'Sullivan (Ex miner and union, Tower Colliery)
Will Brown (Kebele Economic Group)