Under_score Presents Si-cut.db + Ylid

Thu 3 March 2005 // 20:00

(Thurs 3rd / 8pm / £5)
Hailing from West London, Douglas Benford (SI-CUT.DB) has been releasing some of the most gorgous, warm and crackly electro-dub commited to vinyl over the last five years. Expect hypnotic reverberated melodies, low end bass pulses and snappy microbeats. Benford manages to pull off the rare trick in his field of making music which is strange yet highly likeable and accessable. Releases on BIP HOP, FALLT, WARP, BACKGROUND & 12k confirm his pedigree. As well as producing his own music Benford curates and runs
SPRAWL club which has showcased some of the finest experimental electronic music for 9 years. He promises an audio/visual set which will delight
electronic fans especially those of POLE and BASIC CHANNEL/MAURIZIO.
Bristol musician YLID (CACTUS ISLAND RECORDINGS) returns to the cube
after a lenghy absence with new material, showcasing his exciting and
engaging, phat electronica. Which is expertly composed from mangled static beats, spurting, whittering melodies and backed by soothing atmospheric synths tones. On the surface there are definate nods to BOARDS OF CANADA and early U-ZIQ but the music has a life and soul completely of its