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Audible Fields

Sun 31 May 2009 // 20:00

Tickets £5 advanced, £6 on the door.

Audible Fields is an evening dedicated to the art of listening. Performances will run alongside films, amplified objects and field recordings from within the darkened auditorium.

Featuring performances by

Benedict Drew and Louisa Martin
Matthew Lovett and Ian Watson

Individual Biographies

Benedict Drew
Benedict Drew is an Artist who works in performance, sound and video. Current projects include a collaboration with artist Emma Hart and the trio Portable with Rhodri Davies and Louisa Martin. Benedict has also worked with Otomo Yoshihide and Sachiko M and with various improvisers including Tom Chant [as duo Suscete] Angharad Davies, Lee Patterson, Steve Beresford, Seymour Wright, Rhodri Davies, Mark Wastell and Matt Davis. He has travelled widely performing. Benedict has also composed the soundtracks for five films by Emily Richardson. A CD of these soundtracks was released in September 2004. Radio work includes producing and presenting Instant Radio Meeting and the Kchunk Radio series Resonance FM.

Louisa Martin
Louisa Martin is an artist who works with live sound and performance. Interests include the idea of art as transmission; presentation, expression or action by non-linguistic non-representational means. Recent projects include a soundtrack for a film by Kathleen Herbert, and a collaborative cd release on Another Timbre with Rhodri Davies, Michel Doneda, Phil Minton and Lee Patterson. In addition to the trio ‘Portable’ with Benedict Drew and Rhodri Davies, Louisa has performed with various musicians and artists including Otomo Yoshihide, Dominic Lash, Angharad Davies, Tomas Korber, David Toop, Ivan Seal.

Matthew Lovett
Matthew Lovett is an improvising musician with a background in free jazz as well as computer-based performance. He trained under Keith Tippett and has recorded and released music with Full Circle as well as the multi-instrumentalist Deri Roberts. Recent work includes a collaboration with percussionist Javier Carmona and electronics/turnablist Kamil Korolczuk on an extended Techno-based improvisation for night clubs.

Ian Watson
Ian Watson Produces sound from broken down, found and re-kindled electronics and tape for 'The Sound of Aircraft Attacking Britain' and 'Lowe Opta'.
He has self-released several projects alongside Richard Bowers, Mark Jollliffe and Dsic on Phantomhead Recordings and has 2 forthcoming releases on Dielectric Records in the U.S.