Cramps Fetish Night Presents Apocalipstick!

Sat 9 May 2009 // 20:00

(Sat 9th / 8pm / £9 or £8 with a can of hairspray)

“Dressed up, messed up ready to go"

Hosting mutinous smash hit events in London, The Cramps Fetish Night hits The Cube. The Cramps Fetish Night is a fetishistic worshipping of cult rock 'n' roll outfit The Cramps and promises a night of sin-tastic bliss.

Apocalipstick is the theme and she’s wearing the highest heels in town! So get down on your knees and shuffle inside a transformed Cube Cinema. Confess depraved lies to the Sisters of Sin, lust after Go-Go Muck Monsters and revel in filthy rock n roll clichés.

SISTERS OF SIN! Snivel and scream in a sexy confessional!

THE CRIMPS SALON! Beautify your inner beast and backcomb your fucking hair!
CINEMA DE LUX! Pretentious art movies all night long!

LIVE BANDS! The Cramps Fetish Night House Band!

Exotic Dancers! From the Capital, London!

Disc Jockeys! Suicide bombers in suspenders spin depraved garage and '50s schlock!
Dress to annihilate, nauseate, recreate!