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Sons Of Heavy Heads; Such Hawks, Such Hounds

Thu 23 July 2009 // 20:00

(Thu 23rd / 8pm / £2)

Some people just don’t get any of the credit, well not until they’re dead or in the twilight of their professional dog walking career. Take Sleep, Kyuss or the Melvins for example – bands that have had seismic impacts on the music that we all know and love but if you saw them down the boozer you’d wonder who brought the hairy freak and his garden glove wearing friend along. Fortunately John Srebalus knows just how valuable these people are to global sanity levels and has made a film demonstrating their artistry and the sacrifices they’ve made to stay true to their calling. The result really is a must see film for anyone with a passing interest in heavy rock or any musician who sometimes sits and wonders why Keane and Athlete are on the radio. AGAIN.

So come down and support those that strive to make our world a more interesting and better sounding place to live, it’s the karmically korrect thing to do.
Featuring DJ Dell Boy and the Heavy Heads Sound System in the longhair friendly bar.