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Behind The Pink Curtain: An Introduction To The Japanese Sex Film

Thu 25 June 2009 // 20:00

An introduction to the Japanese pink film (pinku eiga), the sub-industry of low-budget softcore indie softcore sex films screened in specialist cinema networks since the 1960s and still going strong to this day, presented by Jasper Sharp of the website Midnight Eye and the author of Behind the Pink Curtain: The Complete History of Japanese Sex Films.

Thursday 25th / 8pm / £5

A Lonely Cow Weeps at Dawn
(Daisuke Goto / 61 mins / 2003)
(Starring: Ryoko Asagi, Yumeka Sasaki, Horyu Nakamura, and Seiji Nakamitsu.
After the death of his son, Shukichi is left to run his farmstead with only his daughter-in-law Noriko to help. Struggling under the onset of senility, when his prize heifer passes away, it is left to Noriko to cushion him from the emotional shock. An erotic film for those rough and ready types who don’t mind getting their hands dirty, Goto’s film occasionally teat-ers on the ridiculous, but is nonetheless outstanding in its field and quite unlike any udder.


Sexy Battle Girls
(Mototsugu Watanabe, 60 mins, 1986)
Starring: Kyoko Hashimoto, Ayumi Taguchi and Yutaka Ikejima.

When Mirai, is transferred to an upper class private girls school, she soon finds out the school not only cultivates young minds, but also supplies young bodies to rich politicians. Moreover, the school’s headmaster ripped apart her family. She undergoes special training, and fights her way to sweet revenge using her nether regions as a secret weapon.