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The Heavy Heads Disco Salute Ac/dc

Thu 28 May 2009 // 20:00

(Thu 28th May / 8pm / £3/2)

AC/DC's mammoth power chord roar became one of the most influential hard rock sounds of the '70s. Although the band are commonly classified as hard rock, and considered pioneers of heavy metal, they have always classified their music as "rock and roll".

Embracing a less-is-more aesthetic, the Australian quintet stripped rock to its rawest essence with simple song structures, minimalist blues-based riffs, frill-free drumming and screeching vocals. Their unsophisticated, uncluttered songs made AC/DC the ultimate party rockers.

In the auditorium will be live and documentary footage of the band and the Heavy Heads DJs will be in the bar playing a selection of heavy rockin’ sounds.