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Of Many Delights

Thu 30 April 2009 // 20:00

(Thu 30th / 8pm / £4)

"Of Many Delights" presents:

"The Story of O" produced by Just Jaeckin, 1975, France
starring Corinne Clery and Udo Kier. Starts 8:45 pm
(35mm, 105 minutes, in colour, in English)

A classic in erotic films, produced by a former fashion photographer whose skills in composing colourful frames are well applied to make this piece a pleasure not only for the mind, but also for the eyes. The film - based on the novel "Histoire d'O" (1954) by Dominique Aury - narrates the experiences of the fictional character "O", a successful Parisian fashion photographer, who is taken to the remote castle "Roissy" by her lover René in order to receive training to become the perfect submissive. Despite the lessons given she remains self-confident and powerful realising how much influence she can exerce over her superiors in her role as the devotee.

"A Secret Short Film"
All we will tell you: it is in video format, lasts 31 minutes, is in black and white and in French. You will be surprised when you will find out...

There will be a ten minutes break between the short film and the feature film.