Mountain Films

Tue 17 March 2009 // 19:00

(Tues 17th / 7pm / £5/4)

A Popeye Cartoon - I Ski, You ski, Love Ski - 5 mins. 1936
The North Face of the Eiger - Leo Dickinson - 50 mins. 1981
Stone Monkey - Alun Hughes - 25mins. 1987
Your Himalaya - Alberto Inurrategi - 50 mins. 2004
African Fly By - D Janisemski and J Ruby - 11 mins. 2005
All films are certificate U

A new strand attempting to look at films made within the mountain
and climbing world.

Mountain film has a long is somewhat misunderstood history. When men and mountain meet, a rich source of stories emerge in extreme and beautiful surroundings. The themes can be somewhat clichéd, but none the less
compelling for that, with all the elements of high drama - triumph and tragedy, hair raising action, life and death struggles, romance, and spine tingling action.

The films we are presenting throughout this year at the Cube are examples of the excellent work of small independent film makers. They have all won awards at various niche Festivals, and have been shown on TV, but otherwise they have had little exposure. They have humour, heart, intriguing stories and very high production values considering the low budgets and difficult conditions in which the films were made.

I Ski You Ski Love Ski - Jack Mercer's 1936 classic - Bluto does his best to spoil Popeye's mountain day out with Olive Oil

The North Face of the Eiger - 1981 - Leo Dickinson's widely acclaimed
masterpiece which records the first British solo ascent of the Eiger North Face by Welsh climber Eric Jones, skilfully blended with an excellent
reconstruction of the dramatic epics and tragic history of the Eiger North Face.

Stone Monkey - 1987 - Alun Hughes unique portrayal of a mercurial climbing genius, Johnny Dawes. The film was way ahead of its time, and some critics say the modern generation has never caught up.

Your Himalayas - 2004 - Award winning Alberto Iñurrategi is a Basque film maker's and mountaineer extraordinaire. This beautiful, poignant and
provoking film pays tribute to his brother Felix, who vanished on Gasherbrum 2.
African Fly By - 2005 D. Janizewski's film made in the modern European adventure idiom, shot in stunning locations in Mali much to the delight of the locals who follow their climbing, BASE and parapenting antics.