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Experimental Dental School

Fri 8 May 2009 // 20:00

(Fri 8th / 8pm / £6 advance, £7 on the door)

Experimental Dental School are from Portland, Oregon they stop by Cube on their UK tour to bring you tracks from their new album Forest Field.
Here is some really nerdy dirty jazz punk. Hmm..or is it vintage garage pop? Psychedelic world music? Synth fractured dance beats?

The guitar bends to the breaking point. Drums pump. Drums crack.

Synthesizer samples crisp & crackle. One voice howls, the other coos.

A sea of bass over a lake of pedals.

Pretty? Yes. Ugly? Yes. Damned awesome? You'd better believe it!

Shoko Horikawa & Jesse Hall started playing music together in 1998 as band called Meyow. They became Experimental Dental School in 2002 playing in a trio formation and lived in the SF bay area for many years. In 2008 XDS made the move to Portland Oregon & became a duo.

XDS recently completed a 6 week tour w/ Deerhoof & are currently working on a split record w/ Melt Banana as well as releasing their 4th full length record.
Download the new album Forest Field here for free:


No Such Error play strong songs with hooks and a bite, performing tonight in a new 3 piece line-up sporting MPC, guitar, synths and samplers. Bomb Squad production styles in a garage pop vein, leaving you with riffs and melodies galore in your eardrums.


Von Gegerfelt conjurs crisp and heavy minimalist electronica. Spacious and tight beat programming layered with dual analogue oscillators and cinematic samples.

DJs in the bar spinning special selections