Plug 58 - License To Art

Sat 18 April 2009 // 19:30

Le Pants (DJ set) :: The Jukes :: Hazel Mills :: Captain Hotknives :: Noisecake :: DJ Zeitguest

Each and every month come rain or shine or hail or snow, those clever people from 58 Records continue their sacred mission to bring you a broad-minded selection of the finest musical talent to be currently found in these British Isles. This month they have done it again with this sterling line up of songsmiths, axe-botherers and wax-wranglers.
The Jukes
(Triumphant Sound Records) Jukes are a soulful psychedelic folk three piece playing deliciously cinematic, narrative songs, full of twists and turns and lessons learned... think a slightly spaced out Young Marble Giants playing Spaghetti Western sound tracks.
"Aah lovely... it's a solar eclipse of LSD sound... 8 out of 10? - NME
Hazel Mills
(Xpress Records) Fusing elements of 60s psychedelia and post-rock, electronica and glitch with moments of almost Reich-esque minimalism, Hazel and her band play songs steeped in emotion, experimenting with multiple layers of live-looping, obscure time signatures and unconventional instrumentation along the way.
"richly detailed, intelligent, beautifully-voiced dark moody pop songs" Organ Magazine

Captain Hotknives
Rearing up like the freakish, bastard love-child of Tenacious D and Alexei Sayle, Captain Hotknives brings you his unique one-man show. Hailing from the dark streets of Bradford wielding naught but his trusty guitar, we can expect this comic genius to touch on several of the main themes of his work, including nuns, pigeons, Guinness, and the scourge of prejudiced wildlife.

Le Pants DJ set
Time to break out your legwarmers for a spectacular 80?s keep-fit DJ set from everyone?s favourite gang of streetwalking ghetto queens, Le Pants! We are very excited to be hosting this one-off set, aimed at giving you the pop workout of your life. Tired of dragging around your orange-peel thighs and bingo wings? Ever gaze wistfully at the likes of Lady Sovereign wishing you could make hoop earrings look that good? Then get up off your ass and let Le Pants bust your hump!
Noisecake Ethical, ecological, edible noise? Is it art, or is it cake? Yes it is.

DJ Zeit Guest (58) A vampire feasting on a robot, a cabbage rolling soundlessly in front of a mouse hole, Alfred Hitchcock slipping in the shower and suffering a subcutaneous metatarsal haematoma - you get the picture.