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Cabaret Of Curiosities Birthday Medicine Show

Sat 21 March 2009 // 20:00

(Sat 21st / 8pm / £8 Advance, £9 on the door)

Zuleika Ziegfeld's Cabaret of Curiosities:

Paradise and Ziegfeld's Cabaret of Curiosities Snake Oil will cure you of all conceivable ailments!

Back ache? Tooth ache? Head ache? Just apply a little Ziegfeld and Paradise to the affected area and you'll soon be affliction free!

Hepatitis? Bronchitis? Elephantiasis? Take a teaspoon of Boys and Dance thrice daily and your malady will melt away like snow on a brassier!

Amnesia? Synaesthesia? Dyskinesia? A vivifying inhalation of Boxcar Aldous Huxley will soothe and invigorate your neurons with old time, high time, past bed time songs.

Corns? Verrucas? Bunions? Dancing to the Cabaret Cure All Star DJS will relieve your pedal extremities of their unsightly plight!

All claims made of Cabaret of Curiosities Cure All Ointment are entirely spurious and false. Please check our http://www.myspace.com/cubecabaret or join the Facebook group for more tall tales and our full line-up.

Pitch up in your depression era, hobo-style britches, snapper rigs,
pinafores and general appropriate duds (don't forget to read your shirt rank cats!) and gain a delightfully cheap ducket of £8 on the door. We'll
decorate the mahogany (give a free drink) to the best dressed too!