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Free Cube - Slow Travel

Mon 9 March 2009 // 20:00

(Mon 9th / 8pm / free [£1 for non-members])

When offered to attend a wedding on the other side of the planet, Barbara Haddrill realised her low carbon lifestyle would be seriously affected for the worse by this trip. So she decided to do it the lo-carbon way, using buses, boats and trains. As she travelled, she captured scenes of beautiful slow travel through amazing landscapes, learned to play the accordion and shot to fame as well through her blog http://www.babs2brisbane.com/

Mark Boyle of the Freeconomy Movement also wanted to make a change
when he set off on an ambitious but abortive walk from Bristol to India armed only with the intent to help people along the way and that that would lead to food and board. His walk took him took a completely unexpected place - his latest freeskilling workshops drawing participants in the hundreds, and the message of his justfortheloveofit.com website and community spreading all around the world.

The Free Cube night launches with these two brilliant travellers through green landscapes. Completely free, intimate and friendly, these nights are open for all to participate in in any way they like. Bring food to share, items to exchange, and or the biggest vegetable you can find!