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Tanya Tagaq + Essie Jain + Bozz Jatch

Thu 12 February 2009 // 19:30

(Thu 12th / 7.30pm / £6 advance)

Get lost in the sensations and sensuality of music. Tonight is a ethereal but earthly triple bill of world music's, inventive song-writing and intuitive music making. Quite 'the something else'.

Inuk throat singer, 'Tanya Tagaq' (Ipecac) and her band perform a rare European performance. Tanya song is based on a ancient Inuit vocal game. She purveys a form of throat singing that is rooted in the guttural growls and rhythmic chants of Katajjaq, but sounds more like a symphony of samples culled from the Arctic landscape and classical Operatic performance (she has collaborated with Kronos Quartet). She's collaborated and toured with Bjork and for once this is a great reference – in that she is primal but accessible and defiantly otherworldly.This will be truly breathtaking.

Tanya is a new breed of global artist. Making her own rules...the way she and her band melts epic atmospheres with tribal beats and orchestral pop is truly and beautifully beguiling. Tagaq's unique sound is imbued with the melodies of modern pop (if Sigur Ros define pop) and the breathless musical manipulations of maverick music makers (Jon Hassell and Stina Nordenstam) this is a combination that's almost transcendent when channelled through her powerful voice.

"Tanya is directly musically in touch with something that is almost a ghost. To me, it is something that is so special and so much a part of the earth and the land and the environment." *David Harrington, Kronos Quartet*

"[Tanya's music is] like Edith Piaf or something.totally emotional." *Björk*
"Traditional throat singing is a game between two women that is an emulation of the sounds from the land. It is a very complicated game where you are making two sounds and you have to go back and forth alternating the sounds. The leader can change the song to the next verse any time they want to, so you have to be able to follow them. It is not emotional, although it may sound that way. It is a game, you giggle afterwards." *Tanya Tagaq*



Unspoken melancholy, simple songs with lyrical cinematics and
close-to-the-mic vocal warmth will drift across the Cube when Essie Jain sings. Like Vashti Bunyan she has a feather like fragility to her voice that lulls the listener with its captivating beauty. Last seen in Bristol back in Autumn at the Folk House, where she won all kinds of new fans. An English born singer now based in New York, her songs were championed from an early stage by the Ba da Bing label (home of Beirut) and have since been licensed to The Leaf Label, who have just put out her second album 'The Inbetween'.
Lush instrumentation ranges from neo-classical to brass-heavy and takes in the odd bierkeller stomp on an intimate delight of an album that sits
somewhere between P.J. Harvey's White Chalk and Madelain Peyroux's Careless Love" *Mojo*



Featuring current and ex members of Soeza, The Wailingest Cats and Zun Zun Egui, Bozz Jatch are an experimental swing trio. Rumbling double bass and intricate drums give way to complex guitar lines and smooth croons. Yielding a unique pop sound that marries diverse influences; from Django Reinhart and Charles Mingus through to the elaborate tapestries of Steve Reich and Tortoise.


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