Bristol Indymedia Film Night: Women & The Media - Representation/misrepresentation/no Representation?

Mon 26 January 2009 // 20:00

(Mon 26th / 8pm / £3/2 but nobody refused entry for a lack of funds)

It has become ‘normal’ to see women objectified and scrutinised in the media, from the daily press, lads' mags and women’s weeklies, to advertising campaigns, film and radio. By highlighting the ways in which women are represented, misrepresented, and not represented in a range of media, the ‘Representation of Women in the Media’ campaign questions and challenges what is so often taken for granted. The campaign took place through Autumn 2008 across Bristol, and culminated in an exhibition of work that included statistics on the
representation of women on television and in newspapers, video footage of the representation of women on television and in magazines, a playboy babygrow, and documentary photographs of feminist guerilla action.

Here we present the campaign and the work produced, with a view to discussing ‘what next?’...

This event will exhibit the work that was produced as a result of this campaign and will have an open discussion that questions why women are represented in these ways, what can be done about it and does it matter? does feminism have a place in the 21st century?