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Bristol Indymedia: Hacktivism - The Use Of Digital Tools In Pursuit Of Political Ends.

Mon 6 July 2009 // 20:00

(Mon 6th / 8pm / £4/3 but nobody refused entry for a lack of funds)

Join us and speaker Mike Harris from Hacktionlab (http://hacktivista.net) for an evening debating social change and political activism through technological innovation or "hacks". Looking for Hackers is a documentary that intends to open or to “hack” our preconceived ideas about what is a Hacker, and introduce us to what the new century and the new millennium has prepared for us; the new ethical and moral standpoint that this new technological revolution has to offer and that manifests itself in our daily life from different parts of our mental geography and various places of our society. The Web conforms and welcomes this new geography of the world that upholds itself on concepts that crash with archaic power structures that still govern our lives: this new map knows little of border lines, does not stop to think about clashes of civilizations, ignoring old work ways and the power relations originated. Behind the screen we will see new faces, different from those created by the mass media where spoiled brats play to break security codes and to create corporate-unmerciful virus. These faces introduce new life style options, new job choices beyond from the big corporation, and joined together by the fight for Free software that, like every other language, does not belong to anybody. Their philosophy brings together different new and inclusive visions, where races, genders, creeds and ages melt within this medley of information without an owner. Come to the world of Hackers of the XXI Century, you may be one of them ...

http://bristol.indymedia.org/article/690115 (Hacklab in June)