Reel News On Tour: The Legacy Of The Black Panthers & Argentina In Revolt

Wed 4 February 2009 // 19:00

(Weds 4th / 7pm / £3/2 but nobody refused entry for a lack of funds)

Inspirational films from the London activist video collective and guests, and the chance to make your own news and screen it on the night.Programme subject to change on the night depending on what's happening, but you'll get films from Reel News 17 (out on Feb 2nd) - hopefully showing a growing resistance to the global recession! - PLUS:


Spawned by the civil rights movement of the 60s, the Black Panther Party have been constantly misrepresented. Here ex-members speak for themselves about this great revolutionary party, particularly their groundbreaking community activism, and why they are still so relevant today. Features ex-central committee member David Hilliard, minister for culture and revolutionary artist Emory Douglas, head of the Black Panther alumni Billy X Jennings and founder member of the White Panther Party John Sinclair.

Includes discussion with THE TREATMENT ROOMS, a political artists collective who are doing incredible work with ex-members of the Black Panthers still held as political prisoners in solitary confinement in the U.S. after over 30 years, and with other prisoners on death row.


We last saw a banking system collapse in Argentina in 2001. The resultant uprising brought down 4 governments in 10 days and saw millions of ordinary people take to the streets with the cry of "QUE SE VAYAN TODOS" - GET RID OF THEM ALL! Includes discussion: could it happen here?

Plus rebel poetry from Grassy Noel, and music to finish off the night from local djs.

Reel News publicises and shares information on inspirational campaigns and struggles in the UK and worldwide. We produce a 90-minute bimonthly newsreel with short films for use in union and campaign meetings. Tell us about your local campaigns in advance (email and we can either help you do some filming on the day and edit it, or help you edit footage you may have already, ready for screening in the evening.

Reel News is independent and non-aligned. We are against sectarianism in all its forms, anti-capitalist in outlook, against the anti-trade union laws and in favour of mass collective action in the workplace and on the streets to change society.