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Cinema Klandestino Presents Movimiento Cinemachete

Thu 19 March 2009 // 19:00

(Thu 19th / 7pm / £6/5 bring badge)

Cinemachete is a radical, international filmmaking movement, born in the underground of Bogota,Colombia. They work to revive and reinvent political filmmaking for the 21st century. There will be three screenings of their works:
Cuatro Movimientos Por el Cuerpo Humano (Four Movements for the Human
Banned in Colombia, this fast paced film tells the story of four dancers who use the art of movement to escape the violence of everyday life.

Oury Jalloh:
This film is a powerful reflection on the life of a Sierra Leone immigrant who was burnt alive in a German police cell in 2003.

Bathed by the Tiger (Bañados por el Tigre):
A trailer of the upcoming film that follows the lives of a family in
Colombia displaced by paramilitaries 10 years ago.