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Heavy Heads Present A Tribute To Ron Asheton And The Stooges

Thu 26 March 2009 // 20:00

(Thu 26th / 8pm / £2)

The recently departed Ron Asheton was a founding member of the Stooges. The influential protopunk band was formed in Ann Arbor in 1967, along with his brother Scott and high school friend Jim Ostenberg (soon to be known as Iggy Pop). Asheton's powerful, distorted guitar on songs like "I Wanna Be Your Dog" and "T.V. Eye" was a hallmark of the group's sound and created beauty out of noise. His playing is considered by many to have laid the groundwork for the entire punk rock movement.

During the psychedelic haze of the late 60s, the grimy, noisy and relentlessly bleak rock & roll of the Stooges was conspicuously out of time. The Stooges revealed the underside of sex, drugs, and rock & roll, showing all of the grime beneath the myth.

Perhaps true believer Lester Bangs summed it up best “The Stooges carry a strong element of sickness in their music, a crazed quaking uncertainty and errant foolishness that effectively mirrors the absurdity and desperation of the times, but I believe that they also carry a strong element of cure, of post-derangement sanity."

Featuring documentary and live footage in the auditorium and sonic sounds in the bar courtesy of the Heavy Heads DJs.