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Cinema Klandestino Presents Comandante

Sun 18 January 2009 // 20:00

(Sun 18th / 8 pm / £5/4 - bring da badge!)

This month Cinema Klandestino celebrates 50 years of the Cuban Revolution with 'Comandante', the "most captivating political documentary ever made" (Esquire)! Fidel Castro as the real side of Che Guevara's fashionable revolutionary star.
Legendary director Oliver Stone turns to an entirely different genre of film in this intimate and controversial portrait of iconic Cuban leader Fidel Castro, a man who has spent more than half a century on the international stage. Stone and his film crew visited Castro in Cuba for three days in 2002, and the film was released in 2003, having its première at the Sundance Film Festival early that year.
This unmissable documentary provides an illuminating insight into one of the world’s most notorious leaders, who at times exists as little more than a beard, cigar and army fatigues. Yet he has remained one of the biggest thorns in the side of the US administration and its persistent antagonist. This film was censored in the US due to pressure from anti-Castro Cuban Americans.

Come and join the Kolectivo Klandestino for another 50 years of revolution!