Republicof Digital Cabaret

Sat 12 March 2005 // 20:00

(Sat 12th / 8pm / £5/4)

rePUBLICof return to the Cube with a collision of music, performance, spoken word and dance, all processed on screen in a high-tech, low-fi night of digital cabaret.

rePUBLICof are Bristol’s prime innovators in the use of live video for entertainment and consternation; from surveillance to found footage, the messium is the medage.

Graffiti artist, gHOSTbOY, offers poetry emailed from Bristol City Council street info points. RIK LANDER's giant rabbit invasion is a satire on another fictionally motivated invasion. JON DOVEY asks if Huxley’s 'Brave New World' is set now. MC IDLE spits conscious rap, MAT DUNLOP presents video and spoken word, as does JENNY SANDERSON with her lament for the last dodo. DEBORAH WEYMONT offers a critique of ritalin use in education in a video with simultaneous signing by AKA BULLY. Middle Eastern dancer, ZAFIRAH, brings glamour and a bare midrif. And rePUBLICof sound supremo, the legendary DJ DAD, spins tunes accompanied by jazz trumpeter, DOLAN JONES, and the house quartet, BARD.