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Plug 58 Presents Liftmen, Sam And The Plants, Rozi Plain And More . . .

Sat 7 February 2009 // 20:00

(Sat 7th / 8pm / £5 advance)

58 Records: the independent record label that formed in response to the instability of the music industries majors in order not only to release music but to promote all forms of art. We try not to be narrow minded in our tastes to enable us to create a fresh and interesting atmosphere. This is our showcase.
Liftmen (Twisted Nerve)
roll out Fugazi-tinted odysseys and dried bubblegum bursts. Cheeky, surfy tones mix with jazzy, Detroit shapes as Kim Deal-style vocals salt and sass within. The Liftmen are a typical Twisted Nerve band – quirky, experimental and strangely loveable. Unusual chord changes and dark strummy segues emerge from the mists of the cooler than cool, distinctively American sound. These are musicians feeling their way, making music for music’s sake and forgetting the world beyond this noble cause. BBC Manchester

Sam & The Plants (Twisted Nerve)
Making fractured fragments of obscure strumming, woodland folk and early experimental electronics. Everything is put into a melting pot and blended together effortlessly. Every note feels unfettered by any kind of scene and there is no sense that Sam is pandering to any kind of pressures of trend, fad or fashion. A new chapter in the new folk universe and sculpting out a new and distinct voice.

Rozi Plain (Fence)
Rozi works on the ferries that scoot across the Avon and, while doing so, writes these rather beautiful songs. She possesses a voice that somehow sounds like it's singing just for you, and her songs shine in your eyes and on your cheekbones like permanent summer sun. Perfect. She recorded some of an album with Gordon out of The Aliens and his brother Kenny, who is the very wonderful King Creosote.

DJ Zeitguest (58)

DJs Elka & Longos (58)
The many guises of Nik Young here teaming up with her DJ partner for party time!