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Charlie Parr + My Two Toms + Z+

Thu 26 February 2009 // 19:00

(Thu 26th / Doors open at 7pm / Tickets £7 advance + BF)

Promoted by Qu Junktions

Charlie is back in town and is excited to play his favourite Bristol hang out for the first time in a few years. Kindred spirits My Two Toms have a special place in Charlie's heart having toured the USA backroads together. My Two Toms set tonight will be accompanied by stills and films made especially for the evening from that tour, making this a real close intimate evening of Americana.
For those who don't know, Charlie Parr's music blends bluegrass, blues and country, with a rock-red seam of rag and stomp. Early shows at the Cube helped spread the word about the sheer energy and good time vibes that circle this authentic country-blues musician from Duluth, Minnesota, and people keep coming back for more. With a lived-in rasp of a voice, National resonator and 12-string acoustic guitars, a banjo and an almost limitless repertoire of his own songs and well-travelled numbers by Mississippi John Hurt, Charley Patton and other cohorts from another time, he lays it on you and you sense the American Primitive blues tradition coming alive before you.

Spirited, sometimes morose, sometimes whooping and yellin', he is a songwriter like the Grant Willard Conspiracy's Robert Fisher or Vic Chesnutt, who has been through a lot and then poured it all into his songs. His raw voice, lightning finger picking and evocative storytelling leave you happy you got ears. The real deal.

Parr's seventh album 'Roustabout' is released through Misplaced Music in the UK on February 17th.



Bristol's own banjo + guitar instrumentalists, who will be really please to be playing again with Charlie. Their warm and meandering banjo/ukulele duets are always a joy to behold. Move in early to hear them play.

"The melodies are direct, memorable, and inseparable from the interlocking harmonies that are weaved around them. My Two Toms carries the traditions of the most memorable music; the complexity found deep within the drone of the Appalachian Mountains, the spiralling melodies of Northumberland pipe tunes, a simple song that stands well the test of time and is remembered not in a crazy-making way but as an old friend." – Charlie Parr, April 2006



Cube debut for one of the best new West Country singer/songwriter we have heard for a while. A misty and melancholic voice hovers over plaintive and melodic strumming guitar and it gentle dissonance. All is eerie, all is heartfelt, all is touched by meaning. Music to wake up to.

Thanks to Bumtapes for putting out his album 'Songs From The Early House'.

Qu DJ's doing one of them country-soul sets.