Cinema Klandestino

Thu 9 April 2009 // 19:00

(Thurs 9th / 7pm / £3/2 Bring da Badge!)

On the night of the 61st anniversary of the bogotazo in Bogota, Colombia, Cinema Klandestino presents work from Colombian Director Lucas Nieto. With the bogotazo in mind, the films will be preceded by audio and visual work from members of Cinema Klandestino inspired by marches and social protest in Colombia last year.

(Lucas Nieto / 2005 / Spanish with English subtitles)

Harold, a "illegal" immigrant in Madrid, makes a living selling Colombian snacks to the prostitutes in night clubs and brothels. For him as for many other Colombians, life in Spain is a struggle between the desire of going back with his family or deciding to stay making money far from his people.
*As I fight for it here* was Director Lucas Nieto´s first documentary. Shot in Madrid, Spain, with a one-man production team following the main
character’s working route around Madrid’s normally unseen areas, the film describes an undocumented man’s struggle to earn a living far from his loved ones.

(Lucas Nieto / Spanish with English subtitles)

This music video features Cali's local band Colombian Gangsters. Their strong and frank lyrics provide a clear notion of many youngsters´ feelings towards social exclusion and violence.