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Plug 58 Presents Rasha Shaheen, Thud, The Slide Show And More . . .

Sat 17 January 2009 // 20:00

(Sat 17th / 8pm / £5)

58 Records: the independent record label that formed in response to the instability of the music industries majors in order not only to release music but to promote all forms of art. We try not to be narrow minded in our tastes to enable us to create a fresh and interesting atmosphere. This is our showcase.
Rasha Shaheen
Playing live with her newly formed band, a talented performer with a glorious disdain for convention her beautifully expressed images of modern life are simply captivating.


'Reared on Pork Scratchings and Alcopops, Thud rise from the ashes of a teenage wet dream to obliterate all eardrums within the 10 mile vicinity! An Audio Enima for the body and soul.'

'it left my hair feeling greasy' Claire Higgins - Bolton

The Slide Show
This fresh one man duo will play looped-up pre and post effected 6 string lap-steel slide guitar.

Adam Laity
Black Cat Films

The work screening here is a series of moving image 'sketches', exploring the role of landscape in representing character and action in film. These images are part of the development of a series of 'folk-films' using regional folktales and stories along with locations from around the South West.

Emily Breeze & Gary Burgerlips (DJ)

Zeitguest (DJ)

Feral Trade

Catering the evening’s event. Feral Trade is a public experiment trading goods over social networks. Goods in current circulation include coffee from El Salvador plus grappa from Croatia and sweets from the world's newest nation Montenegro. Tonight’s food comes straight off a hot iron http://www.feraltrade.org