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Cube-cola Party

Sun 2 November 2008 // 19:00

(Sun 2nd / 7pm / £4/3)

Cube-Cola is the Cube Cinema's most wayward yet feted beverage, handcrafted on the premises since 2004.

Tonight we celebrate Production - and consume it. It's a mid-season radical harvest fair-ish, with home made/modified drinks and snacks.
Producers (friends, feral and famous) will tout the fruits of their labours, expect: Damson vodka, nettle beer, pickled walnuts, chocolate muds, pie chart pie, cider, Jams, homegrown tobacco, Orchard of Avon, Urbane Hunter, hair cuts, open source sodas from linux masters, selfsufficientish.com and more.
PLUS Cube-Cola Command Performance: music from Hot Roddy. Chris Cook plays sitar finding it a great instrument for laptop Max MSP improvisation and jamming with complicated breakbeat music. Cook enjoys working with unusual alternative tuning systems and rhythms and has played as Hot Roddy and Same Actor on tours with Totally Bored and Wrong Music.

More foodcraft-themed tunes from VI with TOSS, Rasha Shaheen, and Axel of Evil. Bring your naturally selected selves to a night not to be missed.
Brought to you by Cube-Cola, Standing on the Hands of Giants since 2004.