Taurpis Tula + Virgin Eye Blood Brothers + Hertta Lussu Assa

Fri 15 April 2005 // 19:30

(Fri 15th / 7.30pm / £5)
/////A Qu Junktion////
Music that distills the essence of all things heavenly and earthbound. These three well under-the-radar acts sing wild, play open ended and draw in the air to create an atmosphere of fairytale dimensions. From lazy afternoon bee stung bliss to tundra bound icy glissandos, this is natural music from the Northern Hemisphere of epic dimensions. If Sun Ra, Bjork, Cormac McCarthy, Silver Mount Zion or Maya Deren sit on your shelf you will enjoy the primitive beauty of this. Taurpis Tula are the frankly spectral duo of Heather Leigh x (Charalambides and Scorces) on petal steel/vocals and David Leigh x (Telstar Ponies) on guitar,. They run Volcanic Tongue play with Matt Valentine, Chris Corsano and have released two albums.

Deep in Louisville, USA the Virgin Eye Blood Brothers cut loose with,
strung-out-to-bits, folk and noise pieces. The sound of Pelt and Double Leopards, No Neck Blues Band and Kranky shine through.

From Finland (home of an incredible DIY network of cold cottage music
collectives) come the outstanding free folkers Hertta Lussu Assa who play psychedelia with awide range of instruments, creating an unbelievable life affirming mess of sounds and changing structures.
After storm of Lightning Bolt, Sunburned Hand of the Man, Comets On Fire and Sunn 0))) Qu present the haunting, pin-you-to-the-seat music of the spirits.