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Decorum Presents: Nlf3, Soe'za, And Bozz Jatch, The Bozz Jatch

Fri 14 November 2008 // 20:00

(Fri 14th / 8pm / £4 advance)


Formed in Paris in 2000, NLF3 create music is cyclical, textured, halfway between movie scores and psychedelic transgression. The band cites influences such as Alice Coltrane, Fela Kuti, This Heat, Can and the early Sonic Youth while mixing a lot of electronics together with a wide variety of instruments : amplified kalimba, electric guitars and bass, drums, percussions, vocals. They share a pool of principles and constructions with their cousins Battles or Animal Collective, (both of whom the group have toured with). The mix of live and looped elements spreads and shunts sounds across an extreme stereo field.
"This three piece at the forefront of the Paris music scene take an exploratory approach to playing and realtime sampling. This mesmeric, meandering music recalls a Radiohead seduced by the idea of live improvisation." (The Guardian)
"Like a kitsch This Heat, they merge grooves and improvisatory trimmings, making a playful exploration of junked instruments… The NLF3 (trio) manage to filter their prime influences into a unique sound of their own, a highly sensitive approach of the very essence of tone, texture and rhythm. Few groups are so consistently interesting." (The Wire)


Soe'za are currently a seven-piece band, hailing from points along the M4 corridor, from Bristol to London. With a somewhat unorthodox line-up of two drum kits, two electric guitars, bass, French horn, Soe'za mix Can-esque grooves, and urgent guitars with two disparate yet complimentary singers in the shape of Ben Owen's clear-voiced declarations and Jenny Robinson's soulful melodies. The band twist this template in every conceivable direction, their command of the irresistible rhythm is second to none, with the French horn rounding out subtle modulations of mood.

Bozz Jatch, The Bozz Jatch

Featuring current and ex members of Soeza, The Wailingest Cats and Zun Zun Egui, Bozz Jatch are an experimental swing trio. Rumbling double bass and intricate drums give way to complex guitar lines and smooth croons. Yielding a unique pop sound that marries diverse influences; from Django Reinhart and Charles Mingus through to the elaborate tapestries of Steve Reich and Tortoise.

Decorum DJs throughout, and cinematics from 11pm till late.

Be sure to dress sharp.