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Toot (phil Minton / Thomas Lehn / Axel Doerner) With Support From Nip Collective

Thu 27 November 2008 // 19:30

(Thu 27th / 7.30pm / £5 advance)

Toot are the trio of extraordinary vocalist and Feral Choir instigator Phil Minton, analogue synth master Thomas Lehn and extended trumpet virtuoso Axel Doerner. Together they create a unique noise world in which human, instrumental and electronic sounds melt and merge into each other, creating storms of whisper, flurries of hush and deep crevasses of tone, all given a Beckettian edge by Minton's all too human vocals.

NIP - New Interfaces for Performance - is a European network of intermedia artists, who tour, collaborate and produce new works together.
Established and run by Bristol based artist Teresa Dillon, other local members include Kathy Hinde and Tom Bugs. Drawing on improvised structures such as Stockhausen, this is the second time that the group have invited Duncan Speakman, Rasha Shaheen, Kushal Gaya and David Hopkinson, to join them in an improvised collaboration.

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