Luis Bunuel Night Featuring 'los Olvidados'

Sun 16 March 2008 // 19:00

(Sun 16th / 7pm / £4/3)
(Mexico / 1950 / 85 mins / Spanish with English Subtitles)

From the iconic imagery of his surrealist collaborations with Salvador Dali, to the satiric bite of his late anti-bourgeois comedies, the name of Luis Bunuel represents one of the most innovative and fearless filmmakers of the last century. However, despite the success of his ground-breaking and iconic début Un Chien Andalou, it was many years before Bunuel found success in Europe. For over 30 years he worked as an exile in Mexico, honing the skills that provoked Hitchcock to call him the greatest filmmaker of all time. Tonight we present one of the finest films from Bunuel's Mexican period - Los Olvidados - a tale of street urchins in Mexico City, abandoned by society to live, and die, by their own moral codes.