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Tue 18 March 2008 // 20:00

(Matt Reeves / 2007 / USA / 35mm / 85 mins / Cert 15)
(Tue 18 / 8pm / £2ttt)

Films in which an American city gets destroyed by an unstoppable force seem to have proliferated in recent years, and there is certainly more than a whiff of the 9/11 roots of this trend in 'Lost' creator JJ Abrams' latest monster flick. Despite coming on like Blairwitch meets King Kong, the POV videocamera action owes much to hand-held footage of the attacks on the World Trade Center, and manages to create a sense of down-on-the-ground group jeopardy chaos which will resonate with a tech-savvy teen generation.

Smart, lots of fun and - best of all - packed with good old fashioned monster mayhem in Manhattan.