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French New Wave Ye Ye Jpunk Night

Thu 13 March 2008 // 20:00

(Thu 13th / 8pm / £4/3)

A new party night for the Cube - a celebration of French new wave ye ye and jpunk music and film - FROGNIP presents New Wave in the month of the new movement. The French 60s new wave cinema and the sounds of the ye-ye scene were a goldmine of style and a huge influence on Japanese pop music.
Tonight we launch with Yé-Yé and travel to the planet Kero Kero, land of the Frog King.

FILM: Vivre Sa Vie

(Jean-Luc Godard / 1962 / France / 35mm / 100 mins / Cert 15)

Within five minutes I am so fascinated that I do not move, I do not stir, until it is over. She waits, she drinks, she smokes, she walks the streets, she makes some money, she turns herself over to the first pimp she meets, she gives up control of her life. It's her life to live.

LIVE: Kizwengfranco

Manga karaoke girl non-group perform idiot punk pop nonsense.

surprises, guests, DJ's, film and video clips, and lots of fun

Dress: tokyo street with the heart and soul of French ye-ye YELLOW kneesocks!! Haute...