Kiptik Presents: Zapatistas - Chronicle Of A Rebellion

Wed 19 March 2008 // 19:30

(Wed 19th / 7.30pm / £3/2 though no-one turned away through lack of funds) Film and discussion, introduced by director Mario Viveros.

“Zapatistas: Chronicle of a Rebellion” has a history of its own. The
documentary's first version, originally entitled La Guerra de Chiapas and released in late January 1994, was one of the first journalistic efforts to present and analyse the Zapatista uprising. Ten years later, in 2004, a second version was released. This third and updated edition includes images of the Zapatistas' most recent campaign, ‘la otra campaña’.

It also investigates the role of the Zapatistas in the events surrounding the elections of 2006 and their involvement in the (brutally repressed) social movements in Atenco and Oaxaca.

Furthermore, this new version documents the Mexican government's strategy of militarization, accelerated under the current presidency of Felipe Calderón, which is putting the Zapatista communities under increasing pressure.

Mario Viveros (director, editor and photographer) has been involved in documentary filmmaking since 2000. His work has been presented in several film festivals universities and in events organised by social movements. He also teaches at the film school CUEC UNAM and is a researcher at the Universidad Autónoma de la Ciudad de México.

KIPTIK is a Bristol-based solidarity group, which since 2000 has been working in and raising money for water and other essential infrastructure projects in Zapatista communities.