Silent Night Presents Vice

Thu 21 April 2005 // 20:00

(Thurs 21st / 8pm / £4)

Curated by WAR AGAINST SLEEP, Bristol musicians perform live original
soundtracks to creepy old public information films about the perils of substance abuse...

DON MANDARIN - Drug Abuse: The Chemical Tomb (1949)
Acclaimed singer-songwriter whose LP 'This Was Quo Country' (Swarfinger) and contributions to PREGNANT, APPLECRAFT etc. display ultra-melodic, haunting and deceptively observational songs sprawling alt. country, swamp rock and lord only knows what else.

ASTEROTH - Alcohol and the Human Body (1949)
Prohibition era vinyl gets downed in one in a haze of tape hiss, machine hum and analogue feedback.

I AM THE MIGHTY JUNGULATOR - Tobacco and the Human Body (1954)
The zeitgeist music software and genre-splicing stupagrüp transmute base material into musical gold, like a sonic philosopher's stone.

TEAM BRICK - The Terrible Truth (1951)
Local young head, pedal chains of frequencies give bad noise screaming. Some voice choral good, rhythm come from borrows.