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Colleen And Jack Rose And Hush Arbors

Sat 15 March 2008 // 19:30

(Sat 15th Mar 2008 / 7.30pm / £8 adv)

Three musicians who channel deep ragas, invisible soundtracks and haunting psychedelia. An unusual and transcendental triple bill featuring co-headline spots from U.S. twelve string/slide guitarist Jack Rose and exquisite Parisian artist Colleen, plus support from London based Hush Arbors.

Jack Rose is one of the most revered guitarists of his generation. Raw and emotive, as well as proficient and gifted, he draws from John Fahey's primitive minimalism and Robbie Basho's modal experiments. From rags to ragas via Ethiopian novelties, characteristic marches and parlor favorites, his appeal criss-crosses between old time blues/folk fans, greasy rock n rollers, drone metal heads and those enthralled by the current wave of Americana.

The Leaf Label's Colleen composes beautiful and fragile song cycles that seem to lurk in hidden chambers beneath the fields of modern composition,
electro-acoustica and art house folk. Like Boards of Canada she is an intriguing musical identity, somehow distinct but obscure and this is where her charm lies. Her live shows make for spellbinding reveries featuring a variety of acoustc instruments such as the viol da gamba, classical guitar, clarinet, music boxes and wind chimes.

Hush Arbors is a singer and guitar hand from the USA who has that timeless mysticism that brings to mind Syd Barrett's amazing non-linear songcraft, Japanese widescreen acid-folk and Vincent Gallo's hushed murmurings. His measured voice and quixotic guitar style will un-tether the audience
expectations and leave them vulnerable to beautiful passages of music.