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La Columbiana

Sun 2 March 2008 // 19:00

(Sun 2nd / 7pm / £5/£4)

Cinema Klandestino poke their heads out of the Bristol underground for one showpiece night to present the UK premiere of 'La Colombiana'. From the Caribbean coast of Colombia comes a woman whose music blends the essence of three disparate cultures, delicate indigenous melodies, powerful African rhythms and the soul of Spain. This film embodies all the passion, all the pain, and all the joys of Totó La Momposina's journey.

From her powerful performance at the Womad festival in England, this
remarkable doyenne of the Colombian music scene takes us beyond the stage to her colourful homeland on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. Totó embodies that fertile place where African, indigenous Indian and Spanish cultures mingle to create a unique musical tradition. A magnificent singer and dancer, Totó's life story reads like a popular history of modern Colombia, peppered with hardship and triumph and doused in an abiding passion for the music and culture she has inherited.