Cul De Sac With Damo Suzuki

Sat 30 April 2005 // 20:00

plus special guests and DJs

A Qu Junktion
(Sat 30th / 8pm / £7)

This is the original underground action with Krautrock, Spiritual Americana, Eastern Electronix and driving Rock dynamics swelling up inside one of the most pivotal cult acts in the music scene. PLUS the ex-singer from prime time CAN, now on his ever-lasting tour....the manical hyperactive...DAMO SUZUKI.
After TAGO MAGO, EGE BAMYASI etc, Damo took a long rest. Over the past 4 years, however, he has been turning up to sing his staggering passionate adhoc vocals with a vast array of 'sound carriers' worldwide. CUL DE SAC are one band he keeps returning to. Hear why!

Like SLINT, MISSION OF BURMA and SUICIDE, CUL DE SAC were well ahead of the pack. But this is no re-formation bullshit. Cul De Sac don't stop. They are pretty much the arch independent art-rock band. Without CUL DE SAC there may be no TORTOISE, GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR or SUNBURNED HAND OF THE MAN. Their deep spacious music, with a myriad of influences, and the vastness of their sound has made Cul De Sac the forefathers of those experimenting outside the Rock n Roll box. Their sense of drama and melodicism does not date.

See what happens when the two meet. A special set is planned.