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Evan Parker / Eddie Prevost / John Coxon

Sat 8 March 2008 // 19:30

support from Artamonova
(Sat 8th March / 7.30pm / £8 adv)

Back in our town come a fellowship of improvised music travellers whose combined output, influence and craft is immeasurable. We welcome them with baited breath. This specially formed trio plan to do an acoustic set for the pleasure of it. To contrast we have the electronix artist Artamonova who conjures dirty great riffs alongside expansive atmos pieces from her improvised music practises.

Over the last 40 years saxophonist Evan Parker has stretched the boundaries of what is possible, creating a world of sound where space and time become elastic and the distinction between music and tone is playfully, physically and joyfully blurred. His experiments with plastic reeds, circular breathing and rapid tonguing is something to behold. He is joined by anther legend, Eddie Prévost, the percussionist with improvising group AMM, whose explorations have
revolutionised the way people work together to produce music. The trio is completed by guitarist John Coxon, whose music with Spring Heel Jack has established him as a key figure in today’s bourgeoning open-ended improvisation scene.

The musical dialogue here is going to be unwritten, unexpected and matchless. Bring your own fire.

Brought to this town via Qu Junktions + Soundklatsch