Steal From Work Presents Depth Charge

Sun 20 March 2005 // 20:00

(Sun 20 / 8pm / £6)

A music/film clash like no other. DEPTH CHARGE goes up against Steven
Chow's martial arts classic KUNG FU HUSSLE with serious damage due in the cinema. Prepare yourselves. Saul Kane has recorded under numerous
pseudonyms including DEPTH CHARGE, ALEXANDER'S DARK BAND and THE OCTAGON MAN for the likes of Electron Industries/DC Recordings. He's been
concocting a heady brew of hip hop beats, soundtrack snippets and obscure analogue bleeps for many moons. His influence is now everywhere, from

Support for the night comes in the shapely guise of the second ever
screening of MOTORBOY's 30 minute re-edit of Ridley Scott's classic film BLADERUNNER.

With local turntable maestro JAY LE SURGEON mixing it up in the bar.

This event is likely to sell out, arrive early!