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Baby Dee + Stanley Forbes + Beat Girl

Fri 28 March 2008 // 19:30

(Fri 28th 2008 / 7.30pm / £9 adv)

Back with the Baby Dee Band...and what a band. Support from the Coward-esque satire of Stanley Forbes and an operatic one man performance of 'Beat Girl'.
With Baby Dee it is harp and heart wrench, ballads and bawdy songs colliding in sweet unison. This novel and beguiling performer has just released a new album on Drag City, her most expansive yet. She is one of our favourite live performers and this time plays a royal flush with a full band featuring John Contreras on Cello and the rhythm section from wonderland - Ben Reynolds and Alex Nielson.

Her songs are literate, original compositions infused with woozy, romantic or raucous and hallucinatory (in a un-rock way) instrumentation, while her words mine Dee's unlikely history. Recent songs recall Baby Dee's childhood in Cleveland, Ohio, others come across as a wry meandering mix of Angela Carter, Borges and Kathy Aker. Will Oldham. Matt Sweeny and Andrew WK all pitch in on the album and you will hear the results tonight. Baby Dee will turn the Cube into a smoky cabaret, the air thick with profanities, fairy tales and

Iain Morrison's 'Beat Girl'
Out of research for a show on the elusive female Beat poets comes this skewed reincarnation of poster-girl art-victim Elise Cowen. In her own words... with enhanced delivery courtesy of an extreme vocalist.

Stanley Forbes
Stanley Forbes administers his suppository preparation of fairy tales, cabaret, satire, and psychosexual filth, aided and accompanied by the Masters of Destruction: Dr Doom on banjo, Hillery Clinton on saxophone, Jazzin' Dave on double bass, and Al Kyeda on drums.


A Qu Junktions Revue