Stitch Stitch Presents Panda Bear + Ariel Pink + Signer

Thu 20 January 2005 // 20:00

PAW TRACKS TOUR & CAR PARK RECORDS TOUR: Panda Bear + Ariel Pink + Signer (Thurs 20th / 8pm / £5.50)

Along come three maverick individuals of music, together to represent PAW TRACKS - a label fashioned by the members of magical mantric forward-folk men the ANIMAL COLLECTIVE.

PANDA BEAR is Noah, a full-time member of the label’s founding fathers. Away from the confines of the Collective, he makes all manner of sounds from whisperjams to song concrete, often loosely collaborating with fellow AC members. A clutch of 12”s – ‘Panda Bear Dances’ – are a new year promise.
ARIEL PINK is a Los Angeles based home-tape type and writer of 500-plus songs over time. Intensely personal scrounging sub-pop from guitar, keys, bass and mouthdrums; who says LA is plastic?

Plus SIGNER, New Zealand’s digalogue nu-gazer Bevan Smith, who fights and feeds off multiple hardware failures to produce ‘The New Face Of Smiling’…the beautiful fuzz of corruption, his new album.

Place your paw in mine and let’s wander… first act on at 8.15pm!