Sun Worship

Tue 25 January 2005 // 19:45

Kavalier Klub presents SUN WORSHIP
(Tues 25th Jan / 7.45pm / £2)

A night of SUN CITY GIRLS films with the steamy, surreal and sublime film NAT PWE as main feature and two draw dropping film collages capturing one of the most borderless and beatific bands on the planet, SUN CITY GIRLS.

Together since 1979, they are one of the most unpredictable, prolific and down right baffling bands abound. They can be brilliant in 69 different ways, ranging from the Middle Eastern garage-psych to the country-and-eastern campfire folk, from their alien folk-blues songs and spoken word rants to their psych drone poems.

(80 mins / Colour / 2004 / Sublime Frequencies)
Released on SUN CITY GIRL's own Sublime Frequency label, this is one wild film, capturing the ceremonial festival to appease two of Burma's 37 officially recognized ghosts. It is one of the greatest spectacles on Earth, with costumed mediums channeling the spirits through ecstatic dancing, storytelling, magic, and music. What results is the magnetic, unexplainable concoction of
conservative tradition, free expression, and spirit possession.

SUN CITY GIRLS videos: 'The Halcyon Days of Symmetry' + 'Myths And Legends Of The Blue West'
Before live dates in the UK next year you can watch their unshackled creativity as they play, improvise and goof with shadow puppetry, spoken word and pan- global instrumental exotica. The films have an inviting sense of humour with saucy cut-ups, stream of consciousness visual euphoria and lots of Bazaar. /