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The Corporation

Fri 7 January 2005 // 21:00
Sat 8 January 2005 // 21:00
Sun 9 January 2005 // 21:00
Mon 10 January 2005 // 21:00
Tue 11 January 2005 // 21:00
Wed 12 January 2005 // 21:00

(Abbott/Achbar / USA / 2004 / 144 mins / PG)
(Fri 7th-Thurs 13th / 9pm / £4/3/2ttt)

Joining the healthy glut of angry, left-wing rants currently posing as the rebirth of documentary cinema is this hotly anticipated number. It starts out with the look at the entity of the corperation as though if were a person- as that is how they are legally recognised. With an audacious narrative hook we are shown that the Corperation often acts like a psycho. The film even tries to place itself within the huge picture it explores- as a prime illustration of a product, product-placeing itself.

Containing hopeful stories and much wisdom from political writers NAOMI KLEIN, NOAM CHOMSKY and MICHAEL MOORE it will startle more people than F*911. Anyone who reads and follows world politics will find something to take away with them, and it obliges us to ask ourselves how far we're all be prepared to go in our defense of capitalism.