Donnie Darko The Director's Cut

Mon 3 January 2005 // 21:00
Tue 4 January 2005 // 21:00
Wed 5 January 2005 // 21:00
Thu 6 January 2005 // 21:00

(Richard Kelly / USA / 2004 / 133mins / cert 15)
Jake Gyllenhaal, Drew Barrymore, Patrick Swayze

You may have seen it, if so you've probably seen it again and it's still remained an enigma. Now's your chance to see the un-edited version with deleted (and previously un-released) scenes and more music. There's more science and further family sequences tighten the emotional screws. For anyone who's had their head in a box for the past few years, heres an outline...

"Troubled teenage" Donnie is an insomniac loner who encounters a nightmarish, six-foot, metal-faced bunny rabbit from the future who tells him the end of the world is nigh. More bizarre encounters follow from near dead due to falling plane to liquid wormholes protruding from his belly. He struggles to relay his visions to family and friends. This film brilliantly avoids conventions but is a genuine wacko slice of pop culture sure to stimulate.