Shelter Presents Cathy Come Home

Wed 6 December 2006 // 19:00

(Wed 6th / 7pm / £4/£3)

Forty years on, Cathy is coming home to Bristol.
Shelter and the Cube present an exclusive film screening of 'Cathy Come Home', directed by Ken Loach. Shelter, the housing and homelessness charity was launched to tackle the hidden truths raised in this seminal film. Forty years on, one million children in Britain live in bad housing and there are almost 100,000 homeless households living in temporary accommodation.
Shelter continues to campaign on their behalf. At the screening, Shelter will introduce the film and talk about the current housing and homelessness crisis in Bristol. Homelessness discussion starts at 7.30pm with the film showing at 8pm. A free veggie buffet will be provided after the screening.