Afrika Eye: Short Film Night

Fri 13 October 2006 // 20:00

(Fri 13th / 8pm /£4/3)

Afrika Eye - From the Kasbah to the Savannah. Three brilliant short films by African women from a series selected for Cannes.

ONE EVENING IN JULY (Dir: Raja Amari, Tunisia)
+Q&A with Jae Mainguard
Selected for Cannes One Evening in July follows Saida, an old beautician who makes up young women for their wedding night. She hopes unconsciously that they might change their minds, that they might avoid what she went through - the nightmare of marriage. Saida finds a ready disciple who then changes her mind.

UNO'S WORLD (Dir: Bridget Pickering, Nambibia)
Uno's World charts a young mother's rite of passage. Playing out a universal theme in a Namibian context, Uno is forced to come to terms with inescapable responsibilities brought about by her own wild actions.

RAYA (Dir: Zulpha Otto Sullies, South Africa)
A story about one woman's bid to release herself from her drug dealing past for the sake of her daughter. Set in the Bo Kaap former slave area of Cape Town, it explores the conflict between a traditional Moslem grandmother and her daughter.