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Slomo Video

Thu 19 October 2006 // 20:00

plus Random Function + Sloth
(Thu 19th / 8pm / £4/3)

SLOMO Video: 45 one-minute films which will transubstantiate time into taffy; a unique compilation of cinematic slowness, pulling the audience through a molasses-tinged warp of catastrophic visual and audio beauty. SLOMO Video is a festival of 100 one-minute slow motion videos by 85 filmmakers and video artists from around the world, including Wiley Wiggins, Ryan Junell, Keith Fullerton Whitman and Matmos.

The second half of the evening features a brilliant array of sonic sluggishness, showcasing Random Function – a Bath & Bristol-based collaborative of
improvisational, experimental sound artists. Zone out as these sound designers draw you into their web of protracted delay and lingering graduations of unpunctually leaden resonance. Random Function is a flexible, open forum to help showcase experimental sound work and to bring like-minded people together. It's grown out of the MA in Creative Music Technology run by Dr. Joseph Hyde at Bath Spa University, but is open to all.

And while you’re loitering in the bar, Sloth will bust out with some
lackadaisically lethargic beats guaranteed to leave you in a delay.

Stop and smell the roses! Feel spellbound by your own navel! Remember when you were a kid and you could stare at ants crawling around for hours, or just space out and look at the ceiling or the patterns on the floor? SLOMO Video is a recreation of that meditative place in the present. It’s a video experience that isn’t afraid to put a 78 record on at 33 ½ and kick back in a beanbag to ponder the mysteries of space and time.

The Wire magazine calls SLOMO, "...a stoner's dream..."