20th Century Cube

Wed 13 December 2006 // 20:00

Over the last 25 years Bristol’s 20th Century Flicks has developed a reputation as one of the finest film libraries in the country. With a range of films that would get the most satiated film fan salivating, Flicks continues to peddle its independent and idiosyncratic brand of customer-orientated service.

Flicks presents 20th Century Cube, a film club exclusive to the Cube that sets its own agenda - YOU pick the month's top movie from 5 specially
selected classics from the 20th Century crew. Look out for voting forms in The Cube or Twentieth Century Flicks, and www.20thcenturyflicks.co.uk

December. Ah, the month of christmas crackers, dodging the lairy office parties and good ol' Jimmy Stewart reminding us that It's a Wonderful Life....the 20th Century Flicksters invite you to a refreshing antedote to the predictable din of sleigh bells with their own special christmas punch - the selection box of top 5 scariest films ever made.
talk to the hand, Santa.