The Hell With Hollywood

Thu 26 October 2006 // 20:00

The Hell With Hollywood
(Thu 26th / 8pm / £4/3)


Celebrate Halloween early, Indonesian-style, courtesy of The Hell With Hollywood and 'The Mystics in Bali'. In what must be one of our most
outrageous movies yet, local Balinese lore is combined with Hollywood-style shock effects, to create an all-time classic of world horror cinema.
Were-pigs rub shoulders with folk-dancing witches and a foetus-eating
vampire known as the Leyak, (if you can rub shoulders with a flying severed head). Add our usual batshit buffet of b-features and trailers for your viewing pleasure, and if you're not left speechless with unholy delight, you're almost certainly already dead, and beyond the help of even our most
accomplished Balinese necromancers...